Bachelor of Information Technology Pre Semester (W3 CAMPUS)

The pre-semester course is designed as a pre-preparation course for the BIT degree program at UCSC. It is about understanding the fundamentals of computer systems, software development, and computer administration. This course is not just theoretical teaching but is designed to be able to understand theories simply through practical.

Why you should join Pre-semester course before BIT course

  1. Foundation for BIT
    The pre-semester teaches you what you need to know as an applicant for the BIT degree program at UCSC.
  2. To gain a basic knowledge of IT
    The pre-Semester is focused on teaching students who have no basic knowledge of IT in a very simple way.
  3. To achieve grades for BIT
    By joining this course, you will be able to get better results in BIT exams and get a class degree and awards.
  4. To clear your career path in IT
    By studying this course, you will be able to succeed in your career path as an IT practitioner.
  5. Affordable price and gain better results than you pay for
    This is the only course in Sri Lanka where you can get a practical knowledge of IT for a very small fee.


Module 01: Electronics for Information Technology (EIT)

This module is designed to give you an at a glance overview of the internal functioning of a computer. It focuses on how logic gates work, how computer memory works, and how processors work, and teaches you with practical. By learning this module, you can cover the practical aspects of BIT's Computer Systems Module.

Programming is a very important knowledge area for a BIT student and can be a major drawback if you do not have the right foundation. This module is focused on major aspects of programming and is designed using Python as a programming language.

The Systems and Network Administration module focuses on the essentials of the computer you should know as an undergraduate. By learning this module, you will learn how to build a bootable device, how to boot windows and how to maintain a network, etc.

Focused on front-end web development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and, frameworks such as Bootstrap and jQuery. The module covers basic HTML and beautifies and layout a web page using CSS and creates a responsive web page using JavaScript. Here you will learn how to use world-famous frameworks like bootstrap and jQuery. The goal of learning this module is to eligible you to create a responsive single-page website.

How long wants to spend on this

Four(4) month course.

How much wants to spend on this

W3 Fee Rs. 45000

Payable as installments: Rs. 15,000 + (Rs. 10,000 x 3)

TOTAL 45000

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